Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still Trekkin'

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!!
I'm still going strong. I went running today after sticking to my water fast, so I'm feeling awesome. I little sick to my stomach, and tired as hell, but I'm still alive and getting thinner and that's all that matters. Gotta keep this short though cuz my fiance is in the other room.

So, I've found something pretty cool. I love watching the Food Network while I'm fasting!! It's like I can taste what they're making, so I feel like I've eaten, but I haven't and it totally curbs my cravings. I'm sure it's not the same for everyone, some people must have nightmares about accidentally flipping to the Food Network while on a fast and binging their head's off. Well, for me it works but be careful trying it.

So my run was amazing. There's nothing more thinspirational than running on a cool beach at sunset with the spray hitting your face and the fog rolling in. It was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, because I haven't eaten in a few days, it was much harder on me than usual, so that kinda sucked. But all in all a good day.

I weigh in again in the morning, as usual, and I hope to god I've lost a good 1.5-2 more lbs. I need a boost to keep going. I've stopped myself from cravings so many times today, I deserve a freaking metal. By the way, I've decided to do a poll once a week to try to get people to comment on my blog, give advice, and give support, cuz I really need it!! So, this week's question is:

What is the best Thinspiration you've ever witnessed, heard, seen, etc.? It can be absolutely ANYTHING. Start posting, starve on, and much <3 for all you beautiful ladies!!! I'm right here with you!!! I'm out for the night.


  1. A great thinspiration to me is the quote "you are worth more than food." so whenever I crave something I can think to myself 'you are worth more than this chocolate cupcake!' it makes me feel confident. I live your blog and I'm an obsessive food network watcher so I completely agree with you on how much it helps.

    My websites: www.pro-ana-finnegan.blogspot.com

    xo- vanilla finnegan

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